Every BAGTOR® comes with a detailed printed Manual. The Manual explains step by step each application.

BAGTOR® becomes “Bag Protector”

instructions_11. Put BAGTOR® around your bag.
2. Put the loose end around a pole, chair or similar stable object.
3. Create a loop and fasten the end.

BAGTOR® becomes “Bag Zip”

instructions_bagZip1.  Pull the strap thruogh the zip*.
2. Put the strap around the handle and run it through the metal oval.
3.Pull it a second time through the metal oval to fix it position. Test if your Zip is „locked“
*) Fix a keyring to your zip, if it provides no suitable ring or loop.

BAGTOR® becomes  “Simple Belt”

1. Run the strap through the oval from the back and pull it.
2. Create a loop around the belt and button up
OR alternatively run the strap through a belt loop and fasten the belt.

BAGTOR® becomes  “Simple Belt II”

1. Run the strap through the oval from the back.
2. Create a loop behind the strap and run it through the oval again.
3. Pull till it fits and button up.

BAGTOR® becomes  “Scarf Bag”

1. Fold your scarf through the middle and tie a double-knot.
2. Pull one end through the metal oval and tie a double- knot.
3. Pull the other end through the leather loop and tie a double- knot.

In this video, Nin shows you how she uses BAGTOR® as a theft protection and belt. Enjoy!